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A unique opportunity to tour Persia with a New Zealand couple who spent 20 years living in that fascinating and captivating land of contrasts.

Tours annually in Spring (April-May) and Autumn (September-October) These are times when the climate is equable and most suitable for touring.

In 18 days you will become absorbed by an ancient culture dating back to the 5th millennium BC in an elevated land traversed by snow covered mountain ranges.

Some of the gems you will see and experience include:

  • The world's most extensive collection of precious stones and jewellery including the Peacock Throne.
  • Saadabad and Niavaran Palace complexes, the seats of Qajar and Pahlavi rulers.
  • Tehran's museums of archaeology, Islamic art, carpets and ceramics.
  • Persian gardens at Kashan, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Hamadan and Tabriz.
  • The colourful and tempting bazaars of Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and Tabriz.
  • In the Kashan region the rosewater distilleries, silk weaving and fine carpet workshops.
  • The archaeological sites of Pasargade with its imposing tomb of Cyrus the Great, the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire (550BC) at Persepolis and the nearby Achemenian tombs of Naqsh-e Rustam and , at Bishapour, a partly excavated Sassanian city.
  • Spring flora galore amongst the Persian oak forests in the high pastures of the Zagros Mountains.
  • Feel part of the ancient sport of the pahlavans at a Zurkhaneh (house of strength)
  • Mingle with the migrating colourful nomads of the Qashqai and Bakhtyari tribes.
  • Collect marine fossils dating back to 500 million years in outcrops in the imposing mountains of the Zagros fold belt.
  • Traverse part of Alexander the Great's route to plunder Persepolis.
  • Go back to Biblical times at the tomb of Ester and Mordekay at Ecbatana (Hamadan) and visit an archaeological dig and museum at Hegmatana Hill.
  • Drink tea with Zoroastrians in a village near Yazd and view their fire temple and Dakhmeh (burial site).
  • Be entertained at a banquette of exquisite local cuisine in a Persian home.

All this and much more in a tour in which you must be prepared to expect the unexpected.



tour of Iran restored my faith in group travel

"Dr Harry McQuillan's tour of Iran restored my faith in group travel..."



"After a lifetime of world travel I prefer to arrange my own and usually avoid conducted tours, but Dr Harry McQuillan's tour of Iran restored my faith in group travel. It was well planned and organised and a model of what such tours should be - comfortable, safe, informative and above all most friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending this experience."
Kenneth Richardson, CVO QSO.

For the first time traveller or experienced visitor to Iran Harry and Maureen McQuillan's tours are unique. Extensive time to explore and shop and to enjoy the Iranian people and beautiful historic sights ! Outstanding experience.
Richard Harris, Albuquerque , N.M. U.S.A.


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